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Description of franchise system

images (1)What could be said? Everyone knows BURGER KING. BURGER KING stands for flame-grilled burgers, fresh ingredients and crispy chips. The restaurants have a modern design with a classic American Diner style: the use of chrome and typical red leather seating and a lot of daylight thanks to the large windows.
Throughout the world, BURGER KING ensures its guests find top quality products, top quality service and cleanliness.
Now, we’re not sure if you know, but we’ve been doing this for a while, since 1957 in fact, so we’re pretty confident, even if we do say so ourselves, that we’ve got the expertise to help you find the right site for the right price. Our design and construction teams will even pop along and make sure it looks great for your first day of trading.
The BURGER KING system currently boasts over 11,000 restaurants around the world in more than 60 countries. Our impressive growth relies on the success of our franchisees. It’s why our market plan focuses on restaurant-level economics.
And it’s why we are creating franchise opportunities within key markets of the UK right now!

Franchise concept

How do you start your Burger King franchise? It all starts with the BURGER KING brand, one of the strongest and most recognized in the world. It’s a brand that celebrates individuality and choice, so much. ‘Have It Your Way’ isn’t just a slogan, it’s part of our company’s heritage. BURGER KING is fuelled by a fire within, just like the grills that set it apart from the competition. Nothing is more important to BURGER KING than working with accomplished individuals who are also fuelled by a fire within.
With our commitment and hands-on management technique, you’ll be involved in the day-to-day running of your business, maximizing the performance of downloadyour team. You’ll invest in high achievers, motivating them through performance management, training and development programs and incentive schemes.

Franchise partner profile

Our 100% flame grilled, fully certified Aberdeen Angus Beef burger gives us a warm feeling inside. And we just love that. But what also gives us a warm feeling is that all our franchisees have drive, energy and passion. And we love that even more.
BURGER KING is seeking companies and individuals who are keen to open at least four restaurants.
Being a franchisee requires a lot of energy and commitment as our customers expect us to deliver exceptional value and service.
You and your team will take pride in the fact that you offer them and your customers a great Burger King experience through high standards in quality, service and cleanliness.
Being a franchisee requires a lot of energy and commitment as our customers expect us to deliver exceptional value and service.
Can you go for gold and lead a team of people? If you have the requisite determination and fire to make a business succeed, then the BURGER KING fast food restaurant franchise wants to hear from you right now!

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