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The project is the first Italian project for the management of a law firm and is the most comprehensive project on international and global level. During the last year BrokerLex was the first Italian area of ​​discussion and meeting, between lawyers and developers in the legal online demonstration of consent earned between Italian law firms and foreigns.

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“The franchise for everyone.” WDC Srl is pleased to inform you of his great initiative able to provide a unique tool to work on-line in the network. The advent of computer technology and the web, today offer several opportunities for growth, but are often required great expertise in this field before you can get the benefits from work online, with the risk of losing their core business. WDC Srl with its formula BROKERLEX, now offers a tool performance for the web, able to support your legal activity on the network, without the need to equip yourself with special skills and make significant investments in the field.

“BROKERLEX, your web platform, your law firm online.” WDC Srl put at your disposal its expertise and its investments, allowing you to increase your network offering so new job opportunities and earnings. WDC Srl, thanks to the innovative range of Franchising offers you a possibility of having a law firm turnkey technologically prepared with a minimum investment and without the need to instruct and / or investing in information technology.

“Now online, immediately on the web.” The service BROKERLEX FRANCHISE  was created to allow you to create your law firm on the web, and now optimally efficient, expanding your study in the network, with all the advantages derivable from the services offered by WDC Srl, offering your customers the maximum safety advice thanks to the diversity of systems available.

“An accurate market research for a catalog of several products.” With BROKERLEX you will have a customized site, you can customize your law firm online from your logo to graphics, accurate of every detail, from the site or without any reference to the graphics appear BrokerLex. Your studio offers to your customers all the services of a traditional law firm.

Description of franchise system

The BROKERLEX service is offered exclusively through internet in Franchise-System type, and provides customer management software, scanning and invoicing of the services and information needed for the total management of the firm. In addition, the service also includes the use BROKERLEX web space needed to keep in the network your chosen domain. Complete customization of your law firm online, technical support online, the most secure electronic payment systems, the all enhanced by the guarantee of visibility on the Internet, in the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).

BROKERLEX has a simplified management of the firm given by a user-frindly, simple and intuitive, “windows like” – as they say, our technicians – who is able to manage its franchisees study loyal to a system of icons, which does not require any expertise on the web and / or advanced pc.

Affiliation in BROKERLEX gives you the opportunity to have a law firm always open 24 on 24 on the web without the cost of employees and / or trained personnel to manage.

By accessing the control panel on-line all you need is a few clicks to begin work on the Internet!

What are you waiting for ? Becomes our franchisee, arise your law firm on the web and come and be part of a large group!

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