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OpenFranchise, online since January 2011, is the first portal in the UK that talks about business in a simple way.

OpenFranchise is dedicated to all those who have a business or want to start up their own business.

OpenFranchise is a formula that has become an international success, being the most visited portal in the UK thanks to its attractive graphics and  handy profile setting.

OpenFranchise  represents the referential  portal  in the franchising industry thanks to its dedicated pages and its blog. OpenFranchise Blog dedicates more than 30 services each month on making a point on the industry, on the latest news and trends, on the pros and cons, on the positive and negative cases in order to have a complete view of the franchise.

With the launch of OpenFranchise Blog the editorial space dedicated to the franchising field increases by offering a world to be discovered to a network of franchisors and potential franchisees avoiding them to get lost in the labyrinth of proposals thanks to an easy to use database and the latest information regarding the most important companies in the sector.

Start your own business with the franchise: easy and convenient

Franchising is a formula that allows you to become an entrepreneur using the  know-how and the visibility of a successful brand. If your project is to start  your own business, check out our categories to find the offer of membership that suits you best. A  franchise business is one of the most solid opportunities for the development of a retail outlet. From a clothing store to a travel agency, from a food store of typical goods to a phone store, there are many advantages offered by the brands on our site.

OpenFranchise is the portal that allows you to open up a store or a franchise choosing among the various opportunities offered by the national and international market.

Search and find the best  franchise picks in the UK:

Your store in Franchising: Learn how to start up your business. In this section we show you how to open a shop or start your own agency.

Franchising Blog:  Read the blog and find curiosity, proposals, news and opportunities!

Franchise Jobs: Tips to develop your franchise.

Franchise of the year! Special on the most profitable franchise businesses, the best international franchisors.

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